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Retractable Screen Door Distributor for California, Nevada & Hawaii

The highest compliment we can receive for the fabrication of a great product placed in your hands is your praise. Please read what some of our dealers have to say about us. You are welcome to Contact Us to add your praise to this page.

"StowAway is clearly the best retractable screen door out there. I am very proud to be selling this line!"

Jeff K. (Santa Rosa, California Dealer)

"I am proud to be a Lorge dealer exclusively and have a great distribution team! It is nice to know my ideas for improvement do not fall on deaf ears."

Greg R. (Long Beach, California Dealer)

"Retractable Screens used to be 25% of my business, but because of you and your support and marketing efforts: StowAway Retractable Screens are 75% of my business."

Randy (Ventura, California Dealer)

"Thanks for everything you have done to get my company off the ground with the Retractable Screens. You weren’t kidding, these things sell themselves. Thanks for your support and also answering the phone when I need answers."

Stan (San Diego, California Dealer)

"The Retractable Screens were an easy transition as we were already installing a lower quality retractable screen door that is common in the industry. StowAway Retractable Screens are awesome, but it’s the Centor Architectural Screens that are selling like hotcakes. There has never been a screen that can accommodate a Nano-wall system until now! With your guidance, advertising and help I've doubled my sales for my company in 6 months."

Gary (San Jose, California Dealer)

"I wanted to thank you guys, especially Brooke & Ashley for being so sweet on the phone each and every time you answer. Thanks for the support over the years and your attention to detail. The product you send out of your warehouse is top notch! The Panorama Power Screens are an easy sell here in Nevada."

Ed (Las Vegas, Nevada)

"Thanks for everything you do for our company on a daily basis. The product is great, the customer service is great and the price is right! As you can see from my numbers, the Panorama Screens, PanoramaLite Screens and Centor Screens are selling great. Thanks again for helping me install the first couple times for each of the above products. The training wheels are now off!"

Jonathan (Palm Springs, California)

"Hi Guys and Gals,
I know I joke around a lot, but in all seriousness the Retractable Screen Doors have been coming out phenomenally. The powder coating is great, the screens are cut straight, all the parts are in the box and you have the proper winds for my screens doors. It makes my life much easier when things are done correctly at your shop and I really appreciate your solid effort to be the best in the industry."

Steen L. (South Orange County, California Dealer)

"I really appreciate how you guys always double check our orders before sending them to us to eliminate errors. In this industry it is very rare to receive 100% of our order 100% of the time. With your company; mistakes are very very rare and we really appreciate that."

Pam (Los Angeles, California Dealer)